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How to Work with a Recruiter

This Is How Recruiting Works:
How Recruiting Works The hiring company will contact the recruiter and provide a job description, information regarding the position, who it reports to, the environment, compensation, etc. relating to the opening

How Recruiting Works Once a recruiter has an open job order to work on they begin a search. The search includes:
Bullet Point Review of in-house candidate databases of those persons who had submitted resumes previously.
Bullet Point Internet sites where job seekers post their resumes.
Bullet Point Networking with others who might know of someone with the knowledge, skills and abilities the recruiter is seeking.
Bullet Point Cold-calling individuals who are working at the same job as the open position currently with another company (head hunting).
Bullet Point Posting the opening on their website, internet job boards and possibly in media ads.

How Recruiting Works
The recruiter reviews hundreds of resumes a day to find the right candidates for the openings they are working on. They also call and take calls from many candidates all day long. The recruiter knows what they are looking for and if they have worked with the client before, they know the soft skills necessary as well as the hard skills and the person-organization fit required. Note:
Bullet Point Most companies prefer to hire candidates who possess experience in their same industry or a closely related industry.
Bullet Point Most companies prefer to hire candidates who have knowledge and experience in the same core function as the opening or perhaps are ready for the next step up in their career within the same functional area and this job would provide that step.

How Recruitment Works When the recruiter locates a candidate who meets the specifications of the job and is a good match, they will contact the candidate to pre-screen them, provide an overview of the position, obtain the candidate’s feelings about the job and if the candidate is interested. If it is a match and the candidate agrees, the recruiter will then share the candidate’s data with the client for their review. A recruiter will provide a summary of the candidate and why they think the candidate is a good match for the opening. In most cases the recruiter will submit more than one candidate, each with their own summarized profile.

How Recruitment Works If the client is interested in any of the recruiter’s candidates, the recruiter will then prep the candidate before the client speaks with them. The recruiter might schedule a phone interview or a face to face meeting.

How Recruitment Works After the interview takes place the recruiter will debrief with the candidate and the client to see if there was mutual interest in each other and if so, will follow up with both to schedule another interview if necessary.

During this time the recruiter will ask the candidate for references and will check the references if they feel a job offer will be extended.

A recruiter will know based on conversations with the candidate what compensation requirement the candidate is seeking and will have already determined that the compensation is within the range the company is offering.

How Recruitment Works Once the company determines they would like to hire the candidate the recruiter contacts the candidate to extend the job offer dependent upon verification of references and possibly other screening and/or assessments required (drug test, physical exams, etc.).

How Recruitment Works The recruiter then lets the company know that the candidate has accepted so the company can begin the new hire paperwork processing cycle. The recruiter stays in touch with the candidate and the company until the candidate starts their new job.


Job Interview
Placement Professionals is a human resource company
specializing in sourcing, recruitment staffing and placement
of people for almost 20 years (since 1990).
  The Plain Facts You Should
Know When Seeking a New Job.
  Job Seekers think recruiters are set up to find them new opportunities. People think recruiters look for jobs for job-seekers. Did you know that this is not how most recruiters work?

Some recruiters will however market a candidate if they feel they know of a company that is seeking someone with the candidate’s background, or if they know their clients and feel the candidate would be the right match for an upcoming opening.

  Recruitment Facts
Bullet Point Recruiters are hired by a company seeking
to fill openings within their staff.
Bullet Point Some companies prefer to hire new employees through their internal human resource people while others prefer to go to a 3rd party source, the outside recruiter.
Bullet Point The company pays the recruiter's fee based on a pre-arranged contractual agreement between the two parties when the candidate referred by the recruiter to the company is hired.
Bullet Point Most recruiters provide the company with a guarantee that if the person resigns or is terminated due to performance or behavioral issues within the first three months on the job, that the recruiter will replace the candidate or refund the fee.
Bullet Point Companies usually use an outside recruiter for
other than entry level or easy to fill positions.

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