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Placement Professionals Recruiting Solutions
What We Do  

From our beginnings in sourcing, recruiting and staffing we have grown our Human Resource umbrella to also include a wide range of services that cover the complete hiring process.

Placement Professionals
Solutions Services Division
Sourcing, Recruitment and Placement
for Interim Staffing and Direct Hire positions

Recruiting is more than just a skill
When a client asks us to find qualified individuals to fill their job vacancies we begin a process that brings a team of specialists together. Our team is devoted to sourcing and recruitment of the right candidate for the right job.

Placement Professionals Staffing Experts
As an employer or a human resource professional... when you have an open job to fill, you need to identify the best talent at the least cost...quickly.

But when you are responsible for all of your human resource functions, and you also have challenges with turnover, benefits, employee relations, administrative tasks, employee motivation and recognition, performance reviews, salary increases, employee development, training and payroll, you need help!

We have successfully placed new employees with companies in roles from non-exempt hourly workers to senior level executives including Presidents, Vice Presidents, CFOs and more. Our focus on people, process and technology enables us to use the latest tools to source the right candidates, while our experience and training has enabled us to understand the nature of work, the various functions (tasks and duties) required to make business operations effective, and the skills necessary to use the ever changing technology of the workplace.

We work with candidates who are culturally diverse and come from all parts of the world.
Over the years we have developed programs to recruit from and through schools, colleges, organizations and associations, work assistance programs, media advertising, referrals and networking, and by using advanced internet cyber sleuthing and sourcing.

We seek out the highest level of human capital to locate and identify the most qualified candidates possible for our client openings. We know the importance of knowledge, skills and abilities as well as the need to search in all areas for candidates who are the right match for job openings. In addition to hard skills we seek out individuals who will provide the right “soft skill” contribution to the position they are being interviewed for. Our network includes active as well as passive candidates, and our staff is trained to evaluate individuals to properly screen out those who include inflated responsibilities or misleading employment data on their resumes.

Professional Staffing Services
Our methods have been successful in finding the “right candidates with the right skills” for the opportunities we are working on. Our recent search projects have included former military personnel for government contractors, sales and marketing reps for medical device and commercial lighting companies, CFOs and financial analysts and C++ developers.

In addition to recruiting and placement,
we offer training and consulting in:

Bullet Point Recruiting, Selection and Placement including
recruiting programs and interviewer training.
Bullet Point Compliance with Federal & State Employment Laws
Bullet Point Increasing Employee Retention
Bullet Point Performance Appraisals
Bullet Point Staffing Industry Skill Enhancement including sales an
business development techniques and marketing programs.

We pride ourselves in being
"Placement Professionals"

Our success at innovative recruiting, screening, and placement of high quality candidates allows us to help supplement internal corporate recruiting efforts.

Our services are based on a contingency fee, which is only earned if we successfully place a qualified candidate.

If local, we meet our candidates, interview them personally and only send you those who we feel will be a good match to your job and environment.

We offer a guarantee on all placements.

We thoroughly check references of candidates and will assess hard skills if requested.

We can conduct credit checks and criminal background checks if requested, as well as coordinate drug testing once a conditional job offer is extended.


Needle in a HaystackGive us your headaches,
your pain and
your challenges...

Let us find the needle in a haystack! Spend your precious time on other human resource functions and let us do the recruiting. Our core expertise is probably your biggest headache anyway!

Give us the job description or let us create one for you. Partner with us for a true win-win experience!

We can work locally, regionally, nationally and even globally to find the right person for the right job!


Expert matching...
Our huge database is filled with thousands of candidates who are available to us through our expert matching criteria. If you are a candidate, email us your resume and get ready for a new career move when one of our staffing specialists matches you with a great new opportunity based on your knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, education and desires!

Visit our job opportunities listings on the next pages and see the diversity of positions we work on.

If you don't have a resume, look at resume winner, and create your own professional presentation.

Visit the Resume Winner to see how experts can help you!

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